What about a half golden retriever/blue tick coonhound mix? My brother has one and we’re trying to figure out what to expect. So far both physically and mentally he seems to have taken all of the coonhound tbh. (Why does this feel like I’m asking a fortune teller?)

Hello friend! Sadly I am not a fortune teller and cannot tell you what future that pup has. The thing about mixes is that you have no idea what bits come from where. The best way to know what the pup will be like is to spend time with the parents. Usually with mixes it’s not possible bc we don’t know where those parents are and what the situation was when that dog was bred purposefully or accidentally. This pup could have all the worst traits of both breeds, all the best, a mix, a total grab bag. It also matters what sort of lines mom and dad came from too. Were these lines from a good breeder or a not so great one? That matters a ton. For example, Goldens from not so great breeders can end up with a lot of aggression and reactivity.

The only way to have an idea of what ur pupcake tastes like is know what ingredients were used to bake him!Sometimes he’s delicious. Sometimes maybe his brain is a little under or over cooked lol.

My noodle, gsd husky mix (confirmed by dna) is very half and half behaviorally and physically. She’s v smart, more biddable than a full husky, loves learning tricks, she works longer than a husky. But she’s also got a crazy cooky husky brain. She’ll scream for no reason and deliberately annoy her friends lol. Either way for all her bits and pieces, I love her, and she has been a fun puzzle to put together. I got her as an almost adult.

I’m sure it will be a blast to watch your brothers pup grow up. To see what traits emerge, to see what he’ll look like. It’s a tiny little adventure!

Here are some pics of noodle! To encourage your imagination! That pup is currently a box of chocolates and there’s no map! He’ll show you who he is in time! 🙂