Do you know if Bernese mountain dogs are high energy or not? Some places say they are and others say they aren’t and it’s just kinda confusing.

Hello friend! Bernese mountain dogs are strong, smart dogs capable of heavy duty work but they aren’t the sort of dog that ping from one end of a room to another. They don’t tend towards Britton energy or never ending energy must have something to do or your walls will suffer. They aren’t border collies or huskies or malinois. They aren’t gonna be holding a toy and jabbing it into your mouth. That’s not their vibe! Like I said they r very capable and willing to do heavy work but they also relax peacefully when there’s down time. Here’s a helpful link and you can find breeders if you wish as well. They are great dogs and adaptable to all sorts of living environs!


Bernese Mountain Dog Dog Breed Information