We might be getting a Golden Retriever puppy soon!! I’ve been wondering what dog food would be best for her. Our vet says that the Purina ProPlan (Which our cats eat) is healthy but I keep seeing stuff about Purina being bad. So I’m a little confused there.

awesome!!! I do love goldens <3

I’d start by figuring out what your breeder/rescue is feeding, you wanna transfer puppy slowly if you decide to switch foods bc puppy tummies are sensitive. Make sure to have enough of the original food on hand to properly transfer, enough for about 2-3 weeks.

Purina ProPlan is a great food, its affordable and will serve your dog well through all life stages, it meets AFFCO standards. If you fed your dog purina proplan you wouldn’t be hurting your pup at all. 

I believe that fundamentally the weird “if you don’t spend x amount on a fancy food” thing is firmly grounded in classism and elitism. I def bought into it for a time. The whole grain-free foods are causing DCM is honestly equally horrifying, just for a different reason. The science is terrible (yes the “science” done by the FDA), its completely unfounded, and its being pushed through by competing dog food companies. Don’t let it worry you. Feed the pup in front of you! You won’t really know what works best for your dog until you talk to the breeder/rescue about what they’ve been feeding and how its been working, what their other dogs are on etc.


I’mma make a list of some of the foods I like, that I’ve fed etc, but feed what works for your dog. I’ll bold what I have personally fed to my dogs. 


Nature’s Variety
Taste of the Wild
American Journey

Diamond Naturals
Stella & Chewy’s
Honest Kitchen
Primal Raw

I and Love and You
Primal Raw
Purina ProPlan

Diamond Naturals
Wellness Core

Do your research and decide based on your individual pup!