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Black Owned Pet Businesses

If you can’t be out on the streets, the next best thing is to support black businesses! Here’s a post with links to multiple black pet businesses. Buy from them instead of your local corporation. (these are US based businesses, but many ship overseas as well!)

Ava’s Pet Palace – organic, healthy treats!

The Bark Shoppe – general dog supplies (including a gorgeous pride month box that I have coming in the mail for my pups! pictured below)

Beaux and Paws – handmade bowties! (they’re stunning!)

Enjoy-A-Bowl – created by a veterinarian, awesome for picky eaters!

House Dogge – sustainable, handmade dog accessories and toys! many can be personalized as well (their Licorice Grey Merino Wool Binky Tug Toy is shown below)

Little L’s Artisan Dog Treats – alternative to mass produced dog jerkies on the market, organic jerky and other meat treats (my pups adore them!)

Nova West Supplies – all natural body care, for humans and pets!

Pet Plate – all natural, ready to eat meals shipped directly to your door! made with human grade ingredients and cooked in a USDA facility

Scotch and Tea – handmade matching masks and dog collars, as well as much more (their pride collar is shown below)

Sir Dogwood – leashes and harnesses, dog clothes and beds, this place has got it all!

These are just a few of the many black owned businesses that you can support during this time, and long after!

Reminder to please not bring your dog to protests! They can turn violent in the blink of an eye, even if you didn’t think there were going to be police there!