not the same anon but your response to the anon that asked how to know when to give away your dog has helped me so much. ive been thinking about rehoming my dog for a long time now, depression sometimes gives us a hard time, but your answer has given me some confidence again, considering i walk my dog three times a day and i have fully figured out what food he can tolerate and i just love love him so much and we’ve got each other figured out and all that. just wanted to say thank you so much!

Hello, my friend. Yes, depression is awful and it cuts you off at the knees. I struggle with it and there are times when I can barely care for myself. My dogs are often the single source of my comfort and happiness when I’m really doing poorly. Meeting minimal care standards is important if you can feed and potty your pup, maybe some exercise, and ensure they are hurting themselves or going to get into something that will hurt them, then I’d urge anyone to keep going and do your best, but if you cannot meet minimal care standards then its time to either ask for help, like hiring a dog walker, or have a friend or family member come over and help you, or rehome temporarily or permanently. Dogs are resilient. It will be okay if they get less exercise, less attention, less playtime, etc for a while. The important things are that they are fed, watered, and healthy. 

They love you and honestly, I think having something to be responsible for, a reason you HAVE to get up is helpful for me when I am doing badly. No one else will feed the four hungry tummies, no one else will fill water bowls, take them potty, brush their fur. For me rehoming them would be the worst thing. Not everyone is the same though, sometimes you can’t, sometimes just existing is too much. There’s no shame in saying, I love my dog, but I cannot care for my dog right now. Whatever the reason is. Being depressed or struggling with something doesn’t disqualify you as a good pet owner. <3 I’m happy you are feeling better about your pup’s routine.