hi, i have to give away my dog. i have depression and treatment isn’t working so i can’t give her the attention and playtime she needs (i know it’s abusive, please don’t get mad at me). i have 2 problems though. she’s 10, and i’ve had her her entire life; will she ever adjust to a new home? also, how can i be sure whoever takes her will care properly for an older dog? i’m really worried about this and it breaks my heart and i just want what’s best for her. any advice would help, thanks.

depression anon here again: she’s also really scared of strangers, especially children. just in case that helps any advice.

Ahh anon, I’m so sorry to hear about your predicament. It’s always such a heartbreaking thing to give away a dog, but it really sounds like you’ve thought it through and this is the best thing for the both of you.

The truth of it is that most dogs adapt to new people or homes. Yes, your dog will miss you, but she will most likely adapt. A lot of people might tell you how horrible they think you are for even considering rehoming her, but honestly, fuck ‘em. Ten years is a long time to have a dog, and rehoming a dog in her best interests after that time isn’t a decision made likely. 

If you can rehome her to someone she already knows, that might be best (because she’s scared of strangers), but as long as she goes to someone patient and reasonable, she should be okay. Lots of people don’t interact with children regularly, so hopefully you’ll be able to find her a suitable home! I hope your depression improves, and your dog goes on to live her best life. 

Admin note: any hate on this topic will be deleted. We at handsomedogs support rehoming dogs if that’s in their best interest and if it’s done responsibly.