Do old border collies have less energy than the young ones? I really want a border collie but all that energy would kill me.

Hey! So in general I never suggest people get a breed and expect it to be anything other than said breed. BCs have energy, pls and young. Their brains must be attended too. Huskies if healthy and maintained properly run long distances in sleds until 14 (even older!) I’d expect much to be the same with BCs. They are still going to want to run, fetch, train, and herd. BCs when left to their own devices will find something annoying to do with that energy. So old or young a BC need exercise and something productive to do, something to channel all that border collie-ness into. I don’t want to shut you down on a breed you like, but ultimately if you’re lifestyle isn’t conducive to owning one and you aren’t willing to or are unable to make changes so you can properly care for one, I’d suggest a different breed. Maybe something with the same vibe but a little more chill?