Can you recommend any other dog blogs to follow? :)

Hello friend,

Some of my favorites are:

@marloandmav-adventurers (fellow handsomedogs curator and BFF, gsd mix and brittany spaniel, hiking and adventures)

@nvbk (training, bite work, malinois, photos)

@onebrightflash (photography, border collies, agility, gsd mix)

@rnerri (photography, huskies, and training)

@ofcarnivora (photography, silken windhound, sheltie, adventure)

@spartathesheltie (photography, sheltie, hiking)

@meimogui (photography, german shepherds, and training)

@little-fox-adventures (photography, mixed breed, adventure, hiking in australia)

@mygermanshepherd (photography, german shepherds)

@twobigears (photography, training, agility, gsds)

@streetdogmillionaires (photography, training, indian native dog, malwali dog)

@perfectdogs (hiking, iceland, schnauzer and Tibetan terrier, sheep)

@agent-fluff-agent-wrinkle but more active on insta, you can find them @takeahikephotograph (photography of her own dogs and client dogs!)

And of course my own blog if you are into huskies @huskyhuddle

This is not at all a complete list of everyone I follow, but its who immediately came to mind, most of these blogs are photography based, but a few delve into training and sporting with your dog.

All are welcome to comment your blog below!

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