the other day, i met the most beautiful dog. his name is proudfoot and he’s eight years old. he’s a black lab/pit bull/rottweiler mix. he was mostly black with like two brown spots. he licked my face!! he was so sweet. i wish i had a picture of him for you!

I appreciate that you all think of me when you find beautiful dogs. I, too, think of all of you when I learn new dog facts or find awesome dog pictures ☺️

I’m confused as to why you refer to poodles as having hair when hair and fur are literally the same thing chemically/organically? Is it just because poodles have one coat that you refer to it that way? No sarcasm intended, but the only thing that makes it fur is that it covers an animal’s whole body.

I don’t find it too confusing. It’s just to differentiate that dogs like poodles have hair that is similar to a person’s head of hair. It grows almost continuously, and only falls out occasionally. But the fact that it is…