How do I know if my dog is exercising too much? I bike and she runs on a leash beside me and I let her set the pace (I’ll speed up or slow down as she does). She usually sleeps a lot after a long run and sometimes acts like she’s sore (limping, groaning when she gets up), but if she sees me going outside she always wants to run more. She’s a 7yo mutt (too mixed for a DNA test to tell what breeds) and the vet says she needs to lose some weight but I don’t want to hurt her by working her too hard.

When it comes to exercise, some dogs tend to out do themselves. The amount of exercise you should supply depends on breed, age, weight, and health. If your dog is overweight, you have to imagine what the exercise routine you’re…

Besides size, what’s the difference between shelties and collies?

They are different breeds altogether, and I’d say Shelties have a bit more energy. Outside of that, i believe they are pretty similar. The ones I have met have been equally calm, yet vocal. Let’s ask the experts! @spartathesheltie@foxthecollie@lambdalupi@1-pup-of-flour@zeldathesheltie@snoots-and-wiskers@hadissima@adognamedwillowwand

Have you seen Pitbulls and Parolees? I’ve heard a lot of discussions on how they treat their dogs, and wanted to know your opinion since you seem pretty knowledgeable in that area.

I’ve seen a few episodes, they seem to be knowledgeable and careful with how they place their dogs. I guess I haven’t seen much of how they actually treat the dogs. Is there something in particular you’re referring to?

So this is kind of a weird question. A lot of people I know think its super gross to get undressed in front of your dog, and I’ve been doing it since I had him. Wake up, get dressed for work, its a dog, its not like it cares. An animal isn’t concerned with if you’re wearing clothes or not. Maybe it is a moralistic thing, but am I super weird for feeling comfortable showering with my dog in the same room or getting dressed in front of him? Someone told me I was encouraging beastiality and I just.

Hahaha gross, no. Dogs don’t understand that you’re naked… I think it is normal to feel awkward and not want to have eyes staring at you, but it is also normal to not even care. My dog is certainly not…

i have a 3mo. bbm who has start showing some dog aggression while at dog daycare. lots of bites to the face/neck area, pinning/standing over other dogs, HATES high arousal play, and seems to go over threshold very quickly when another dog gets the advantage on him. we attend puppy class, plan on talking with trainers there, but would you have any suggestions on how to keep him socialized while managing his aggression/selectiveness?

From my experience, training would be apart of your daycare experience. You can pay for additional training to help, but whomever is supervising the group should be correcting those behaviors immediately. Daycare shouldn’t just be a free for all, and…

I did visits to sled dog kennels this summer while I was in Alaska and the two that I got to see are very successful ones and the dogs love to pull bc they know they get to run. And Jeff King has dog wheels and treadmills where the dogs can run in one spot. But they also can tell f their dogs are getting tired or don’t want to pull or participate and for long races like the Iditarod will send them home if they need to. So like dogs really like to pull things as long as it isnt 2 much like horses

Very cool! I’d love to visit Alaska one day.